Mavrik Environmental and Exploration is dedicated to quality and service.  Our sales and
manufacturing team has in excel of 100 years experience in all aspects of tool design and
manufacture for the drilling industry as well as an array of special projects for the nuclear,
construction, and mining industries.  We’ve even been known to dabble outside our normal
field of expertise because we don’t believe any job is too small.  If it’s important to you, it’s
important to us.  Service means timely turn-around and we strive to support our customers
and get their project completed on time.  We are always available to discuss your needs and
to help you arrive at cost effective solutions.

Our Environmental, Geotechnical, Minerals and Mining products are manufactured from the
highest quality alloy steel and is heat treated for longer life and durability.  CNC machining
provides the basics for quality control, repeatability, and a superior product, all of which are
there to support your needs.

Our team has a vast amount of drilling experience ranging in hole sizes of only a few inches
to holes big enough to park your truck in.  It is always our pleasure to listen to your needs and
to provide assistance or suggestions as appropriate to help you solve a problem or just get on
with the work.